‘Concert Theatre, the company behind the show, aims to be a perfect amalgam of both art forms.’ – Hannah Nepil, Financial Times

‘a distinguished artiste’ – John Jackwoods, Bristol Post

‘This [Concert Theatre] was not a pianist offering background mood music – rather the words, their rhythm and cadence, were intricately interwoven with the score. It became something quite different to what either could achieve on their own – and was poignant and beautiful.’ – Martin Cullingford, Gramophone

‘Forceful pianism’ – Michael White, The Telegraph

An-Ting Chang on Podcast about Chinese Arts Now Festival 2019, The Cusp Magazine 

‘Not only did we learn so much about the pieces, but we were enveloped in her infectious enthusiasm’ – Christopher Rogers, Marlborough News

‘Pianist An-Ting Chang astounded the audience by the brilliance of her playing, so much so that at the end of her concert the entire audience rose to their feet and gave her a standing ovation. In all the years these concerts have been running, this has never happened before.’ Exmouth Journal

‘An-Ting Chang […] seems to be endlessly creative.’ – Luch Càise-Dearg, Classical Journey Phonic



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