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Commissioned by British Council Hong Kong for the new tech-art work, HOME X. The international performers collaborate via VR and present live for the audiences in the 3D virtual world. We use cutting edge technology (holoportation) to bring a new gaming theatre into life.
This time I use all natural field recordings as the base for the soundscape. Through Opera singer Colette Lam’s interpretation of Cao Cao’s poem and a collection of interview recordings from real people in UK and HK, HOME X explores human’s ambition and the complex feelings between home and root.


Mixing gaming and 3D technology, this experimental 45 minute production mixes original music, virtual performances and a new script exploring the migrant experience, from the poorest of Chinese sailors who jumped ship in the East End, to the richest of men like William Waldorf Astor.
Every dollar is a soldier/with money you’re a dragon is set ‘after hours’ in the gallery, twenty audience members, visible to each other as their chosen avatars gather in the lobby and start by following the glowing orb that guides us through the virtual galleries.


The Stage ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘surprising and engaging immersive journey’;
Lyn Gardner ‘infinitely touching’.

A live, immersive audio tour through Chinatown with augmented reality visuals and miniature dramas behind the facades.

London’s Chinatown, and the area it sits in, has been the stage for a multitude of stories over its constantly evolving history. Augmented Chinatown 2.0 brings some of those stories to life in an immersive augmented reality experience which mixes striking visuals, miniature audio dramas, atmospheric music and a guided tour through the area’s past and present and how it became the centre of the Chinese community in London.




Concert Theatre began life as a project for my MMus course at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM). I created a performance by combining a play by Sarah Kane – 4.48 Psychosis – with music for piano by Webern and Gibbons, focussing in particular on themes of sanity and insanity. As a pianist, I performed side-by-side with actors on the same stage. Since the music and the play were not directly choreographed or composed for each other, each provided a distinct and independent language of its own and I felt that the collisions between these two languages could inspire the audiences to experience fresh perspectives on both works.

I then moved on to the PhD programme at the RAM, during the PhD study, I have produced two full productions Sonata Movements and Kiss of the Earth.  I am currently working on immersive projects, The Tenant, based on Anne Brontë’s ‘Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ and Scriabin’s 24 Preludes, Mozart’s sonata for piano and violin K. 378, and Brahms’ Rhapsody Op. 79 and Die Schöne Müllerin based on Schubert’s song cycle and its historical scenes.  

Please visit to learn more about my Concert Theatre projects.

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