Original Compositions

New Single, Purple Dream, released 11 May 2022

Composition, HOME X, in collaboration with soprano Wing Wing Colette Lam

Composition, nature, processing recording from natural sound

Composition, Sleep in the Sampan, electronic

Composition, Fight on the Boat, electronic/techno

Composition, By the Sea 08.01.21 London, piano & string quartet

Composition, Reminiscence, electronic

An-Ting Chang · Reminiscence

Composition, Waltz ‘Chinatown’, instrumental

An-Ting Chang · Waltz ‘Chinatown’

Composition, London Lockdown with Ping Pong Balls and Piano

Composition, Stay, pipa, erhu, flute, electric guitar, keyboard and electronic music

Composition, Bounce Beat, live ping pong percussion and a piano trio

Live performance of pipa and piano duo, piano part composed by An-Ting Chang, pipa performed by Cheng Yu

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