Composition, HOME X: The Sea (excerpt), in collaboration with soprano Wing Wing Colette Lam

Composition, HOME X: Dawn (excerpt)

Composition, nature, processing recording from natural sound

Composition, Sleep in the Sampan, electronic

Composition, Fight on the Boat, electronic/techno

Composition, By the Sea 08.01.21 London, piano & string quartet


Composition, Reminiscence, electronic

An-Ting Chang · Reminiscence

Composition, Waltz ‘Chinatown’, instrumental

An-Ting Chang · Waltz ‘Chinatown’

Composition, London Lockdown with Ping Pong Balls and Piano


Composition, Stay, pipa, erhu, flute, electric guitar, keyboard and electronic music


Composition, Bounce Beat, live ping pong percussion and a piano trio


Live performance of pipa and piano duo, piano part composed by An-Ting Chang, pipa performed by Cheng Yu

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