New Single: Purple Dream

I composed Purple Dream in September 2020, when the new lockdown was about to begin. The on/off isolation of the lockdowns was removing the certainties of our old lives and leaving us physically restricted. Yet the retreat from normality allowed space for new dreams and magic to flourish. A space in the quiet, away from the world, and along with it, a new feeling of freedom.

Purple Dream is a part of the ‘Songs From My Room’ album which will be released on 13 July 2022.

The video is directed by Joe Mannion and produced by Joe Mannion and Ian Gallagher.

Full video credits
Producers: Joe Mannion and Ian Gallagher
Director: Joe Mannion
Cinematographer: Adrian Peckitt
Assistant Camera: Sky Ainsbury
Sound Recordist: James Unwin
Make-up Artist: Jade Bird
Runner: Andrew Thompson

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