Immersive Digital Performance

In the last three months, I was working in the 3D world (with the gaming engine ‘Unity’) and created an immersive digital performance ‘Every Dollar is a Soldier/With Money You’re a Dragon’. 

The production features gaming and 3D technology, my new score for Chinese instruments and electronic music and Daniel York Loh’s beautiful writing exploring the migrant experience, from the poorest of Chinese sailors who jumped ship in the East End, to the richest of men like William Waldorf Astor. I also aim to create a ‘live’ experience for online performances, so you will interact with other audiences in the game [performance] as different avatars.
You will require to use a laptop or different forms of computers to enter the performance through clicking the link you receive. 

Performance dates: 19, 21, 23, 24, 30 April 7 pm, 28 April 2 pm (British Summer Time)

Book tickets here:

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