Concert Online 8th November

Hope it finds you and your close ones well – not too much affected by the coming lockdown! 

I have been carrying on making more music. Recently just shared two videos showing some piano music with electronic processing. You can have look here: ImprovisationSweet Summer. Any feedback is welcome!

I was hoping that I will be playing the first live concert this Sunday after a long while. But because of the lockdown, it is moved to online streaming. Please join me if you can this Sunday 8th November 3:30 pm. I will play my piano transcription of Carnival of the Animals and the new music I wrote during the previous months. You can request a link of the live streaming by emailing here

Last work to share here, we have launched a new digital work created by artist Pamela Carter produced by Chinese Arts Now, an imagined letter exchange between the artists’ two grandmothers: one was English and the other was Paranakan (described as Chinese-not-Chinese). A very intriguing work. You can watch it for free here

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