Concert pianist, composer, theatre maker

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New Album: Carnival of the Animals

Happy to share with you the album I released earlier this year, Carnival of The Animals, which is a collection of animal themes in classical music, featuring my piano solo transcription of Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. It’s the most ‘delightful’ project I’ve ever worked on! The music expresses pure happiness with animals. Hope to give people more positive feelings at this strange year.

The album is available in all digital platforms:


Apple Music:

Youtube Music:

Cover designed by Stacy Linn Art & Illustration; Photo by Tiffany Lin Photography

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Horizon Showcase

Hope you’re well and are enjoying performances/restaurants/bars after the hard winter! I’m very happy to share you the news that the immersive digital performance I made during lockdown is selected as a part of Horizon Showcase, which ‘celebrates visionary artists and cultural leaders in England’. 

‘Every dollar is a soldier/with money you’re a dragon’ (upgraded version!) will be running from tomorrow to Sunday (24-29 August) everyday 1 pm & 7 pm. The production combines gaming technology, original music (composed by me) and theatre. Please join me online if you’re able to catch any of the performances!

Ticket (pay-as-you-can) please check here

Or if you work in arts, you can register as a delegate and access the whole Horizon Showcase by registering here.

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Immersive Digital Performance

In the last three months, I was working in the 3D world (with the gaming engine ‘Unity’) and created an immersive digital performance ‘Every Dollar is a Soldier/With Money You’re a Dragon’. 

The production features gaming and 3D technology, my new score for Chinese instruments and electronic music and Daniel York Loh’s beautiful writing exploring the migrant experience, from the poorest of Chinese sailors who jumped ship in the East End, to the richest of men like William Waldorf Astor. I also aim to create a ‘live’ experience for online performances, so you will interact with other audiences in the game [performance] as different avatars.
You will require to use a laptop or different forms of computers to enter the performance through clicking the link you receive. 

Performance dates: 19, 21, 23, 24, 30 April 7 pm, 28 April 2 pm (British Summer Time)

Book tickets here:

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Concert Online 8th November

Hope it finds you and your close ones well – not too much affected by the coming lockdown! 

I have been carrying on making more music. Recently just shared two videos showing some piano music with electronic processing. You can have look here: ImprovisationSweet Summer. Any feedback is welcome!

I was hoping that I will be playing the first live concert this Sunday after a long while. But because of the lockdown, it is moved to online streaming. Please join me if you can this Sunday 8th November 3:30 pm. I will play my piano transcription of Carnival of the Animals and the new music I wrote during the previous months. You can request a link of the live streaming by emailing here

Last work to share here, we have launched a new digital work created by artist Pamela Carter produced by Chinese Arts Now, an imagined letter exchange between the artists’ two grandmothers: one was English and the other was Paranakan (described as Chinese-not-Chinese). A very intriguing work. You can watch it for free here

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September 2020

I’m really happy that the relaunch of the app, Augmented Chinatown 2.0 by me working with Chinese Arts Now, Donald Shek, Joel Tan and many great artists, has received great response.  It got 表情圖示表情圖示表情圖示表情圖示 from The Stage and Lyn Gardner called it ‘infinitely touching’. If you’re planning to travel to centre London please do experience it in Chinatown. (Alternatively you can also experience remotely at home.) The app will be permanently availably on App Store and Google Play

I just finished recording my new piano album and plan to release it early November 2020. Here is a little preview for you. Let me know if you have any feedback!

On Wednesday 30 September 7-8 pm, I will be chairing a panel discussion ‘Combining Technology and Arts’ with three amazing artists/producer: Seph Li, creative coder and media artist, AR artist/developer Donald Shek and Tuyet Van Huynh, an independent theatre & film producer and curator. It’s a free event but require registration. If you’re interested in the topic, hope to see you there!

Please stay safe and well!

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An-Ting Chang is a concert pianist, composer, theatre director and currently the Artistic Director of Chinese Arts Now (CAN) which is a new NPO producing contemporary Chinese performing arts in UK. She led CAN Productions with different artistic roles, including as the director for Augmented Chinatown 2.0 (an app for AR, music and drama), Lao Can Impression (Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room), composer and performer for Coalesce (King’s Place), Bats and Beats (Soundstate Festival, Shanghai tour), producer for Citizens of Nowhere? (Duddell’s) and pianist for LSO Eclectica (LSO St Luke’s). Her background is a unique mix of science and art with a degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University and a MMus and PhD in performance from the Royal Academy of Music.

An-Ting has performed regularly as a concert pianist at venues such as Southbank Centre, LSO St Luke’s, Newbury Spring Festival, Deal Festival, Cheltenham Town Hall, and the Akademie der Künste Berlin (Academy of Arts).

In 2012, An-Ting founded Concert Theatre which pioneered a new hybrid genre mixing music and theatre. Productions such as Kiss of the Earth (UK tour, 2015) and The Tenant (National Portrait Gallery, 2017) were warmly received.

She has released her first album Water Image  and is working on the next album featuring her original compositions for the release in November 2020.